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s e◆nterprises," he● added.For Me〓ng's case, Geng s〓aid that Ch〓ina has repeat●edly stated its ○"solemn stance ●on the matter■."The Unit●ed States an■d Canada a●rbitrarily m●isused the ○bilateral extr◆adition treaty betwe○en them to unj〓ustifiably take● compulsory measu○res against a Chi■nese citizen,● which has

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severel〓y violated■ the Chinese citizen●'s safety and leg〓itimate ri〓ghts and i●nterests, Geng● said."We once again● urge the U.S. sid■e to immed●iately withdraw it○s arrest warr■ant for Ms◆. Meng Wanzhou ●and stop see●king extradition ●for her so as to ◆avoid stee■ring on to the〓 wrong course,■" said the〓 spok

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